Birmingham- Retail


PAI delivered unique audio-visual, sound, lighting and control solutions for an Orange concept store at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham.

‘Show time’ equipment was installed, with rear projected media, digital pulse images and colour wash created visually exciting effects that were both discrete and seamless in promoting the contemporary image of the Orange brand.

Five video projectors with wide angle lenses were utilised to display content throughout 360 degrees across a custom built screen cube provided by PAI. Seamless imagery was achieved through a combination of hardware and compositing methods. To provide a consistent wash of colour across the cube whilst the projection was off, LED wash units were used to give vibrant, strong colours, with a fluid additive colour change sequence to suit.

For content playback, an Apple iMac was pre-configured with show control software and support tools by our AV/IT team, utilising RS232 interface boxes. This was accompanied by a five-channel video server with synchronised playback and AV switching capability, plus local and remote control software. PAI used kiosk interface equipment to allow for the signal to be derived, scaled and input into the video server system.

The project was completed with the integration of ambient sound and control equipment. A BSS digital sound processor, Cloud amplifier and Martin Audio loudspeakers provided peripheral sound throughout the store.