Virgin Megastore

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Virgin Megastore

PAI designed, specified and installed a bespoke, state-of-the-art retail display system at Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street, London.

Our team worked in collaboration with AV designer Vincent Rice to integrate a giant video screen system into the flagship store on one of the capital's busiest shopping thoroughfares.

Almost invisible until in operation, positioned in the centre of the store's main stairwell flat 'blades' rotated and locked into position similar to a large set of Venetian blinds to brilliantly reveal the 5m-wide display three times per hour.

Managing Director, Paul Adams explained: "Following a referral from PPM (Perspective Project Management), for whom we had worked with previously for UGC Cinemas, we were approached by Richard Greenleaf of the design company Red Jacket.

"Vincent is an independent who we worked with a lot - we brought him onboard after Red Jacket approached us.

"We presented the idea of the 'Venetian blind' screen to Virgin and Red Jacket jointly, and they loved it."

The system was used predominantly by Virgin staff for instore advertising purposes, in an area where footfall was known to be heavy. A Pansonic PT-D9500U 10,000 lumen projector (almost certainly the first ever to be used in a fixed installation) was specified. The projector was paired with a number of 42" plasma screens, all linked to a Show Control system configured to deliver automated branded media. Offering maximum visual impact, the display was accompanied by Mackie Fussion 3000 active loudspeakers and two pairs of 1800SA/1800S active sub-bass combos for superb sound reinforcement.

To further accentuate the overall customer experience, PAI was also responsible for the installation of six Panasonic plasma panels along the aisle from the store's main entrance to the display, with a further four fitted in the outlet's gaming zone.

PAI returned in September 2003 to install and integrate a MegaMedia Wall to a design brief from Keane Design's Concept Designer, Tim Merryfield.

PAI manufactured and installed a bespoke 5500mm x 5000mm frame onto which nine screens, comprising of 42” plasma and 30” high definition LCD screens, were incorporated. Using precision instrumentation, the whole assembly was designed to automatically rotate towards to the store interior during daylight hours, to avoid light intrusion, and then traverse back to face Oxford Street in the evening to broadcast promotional material to the public outside of normal opening hours.

Divided into four video zones, the nine screens broadcast the same material, but have been designed to operate out of synchronisation with each other by five minutes. This ensured that customers were not left waiting for a media loop to complete before they could access information of interest. Additionally, the screens were integrated with the 'Games' Plasma Screens on Level One and the gargantuan 'Megascreen' situated between the escalators in the store’s atrium, also coordinating with the 'Megascreen Show' - previously installed by PAI in 2001 - at 15 minute intervals.