Collaboration Tools for Corporate & Hospitality


Through integrating collaboration tools, PAI delivers essential systems that help corporate and hospitality clients to drive productivity.

Collaboration tools should be an important asset in any business. PAI understands that valuable staff communications, meetings, presentations and training are pivotal to success in any organisation.

With modern corporate and hospitality workplaces often incorporating minimalist open plan design and spontaneous collaboration between colleagues, successful audio-visual schemes and robust end-to-end solutions are essential to effective unified communications and collaboration.

From traditional conferencing and meeting areas to modern huddle spaces and zoom rooms, we can tailor systems to meet your desired cost and performance criteria.

Combining new hardware and software tools, PAI assists businesses in the unification of video and data sharing capabilities, encompassing a variety of agile solutions designed to bring teams closer together, boost cooperation and optimise resources.

We know that in stark contrast to written communications like emails, technology that offers stimulating visuals enhances interaction and ultimately aids users in immersing themselves.

PAI’s collaboration tools for corporate and hospitality spaces give multiple people the ability to seamlessly share, review, edit, annotate and save documents and other files.

We design, specify and install systems that can handle collaboration, file sharing, meetings, instant messaging, video chats and more from one central hub.

Each business has its own specific use cases and methods of working. PAI helps to simplify processes through the use of personal, intuitive AV systems that reduce distractions, increase efficiency and enhance the overall experience.

We offer co-workers access to the very latest technology to maximise collaboration and to make information sharing fast and simple.

Our all-in-one AV packages include wireless collaboration systems that can also encode and decode various signals, send content back to user devices and even act as a digital signage platform.

Clients can rely on our robust solutions, as PAI guarantees security and centralised management are paramount in all collaboration system designs.

The correct wireless solutions create clean, easy and inclusive working environments.

Let us share with you our vision that anyone in a meeting can securely share content from any device quickly and easily using smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices.

We can help you select industry leading products that allow for a number of devices to be connected to a screen without any risk of data breach or viruses.

PAI can assist you every step of the way to deliver truly interactive meetings, where all participants can contribute content seamlessly.

Contact us today to discover how we can incorporate collaboration tools to assist in addressing the critical communication issues that daily users and visitors are encountering in corporate and hospitality workplaces.

For further information on our products and associated services, or to discuss your specific project requirements, please get in touch today.

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