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PAI is a leading provider of digital signage systems for corporate and hospitality environments.

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In corporate and hospitality spaces, digital signage enriches communications and may be used to:

  • Welcome visitors and guests
  • Inform them of news, events and special offers
  • Showcase your brand image and values prominently
  • Wayfinding

Internally, effective digital signage can significantly improve collaboration between management and staff, boosting productivity and reducing the cost and time associated with poor communication.

In corporate buildings and hospitality spaces, digital signage messaging may be distributed across multiple floors, covering several different departments or even numerous locations across countries via networked solutions.
Corporate and hospitality digital signage systems may also include IPTV, utilising servers and HD encoders to broadcast live television channels such as news and sport on your displays, or live content from camera feeds and media players.
From single-screen setups to the configuration of largescale videowalls, PAI helps corporate and hospitality clients/end users to select hardware and software that deliver robust, easy-to-manage digital signage systems; providing full end-to-end solutions from concept design and needs analysis, content creation and management, integration, through to post-install support and ongoing maintenance.
Working closely with technical staff, PAI ensures seamless incorporation into existing IT infrastructure to deliver networked displays that can be remotely managed – allowing content to be updated quickly and efficiently by multiple users, and diagnostics and maintenance to be carried out from almost anywhere in the world.
We work with a host of enterprise platforms – including but not limited to BrightSign, Onelan, Sedao, Signagelive and Videro – meaning we can implement systems to meet a multitude of business requirements and budgets.
Digital signage truly engages users and can yield genuine return on investment through successful application.
For further information about our products and associated services, or to discuss your project requirements, please get in touch.

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