Web Streaming


Web Streaming can enable meetings, presentations, functions and events to be broadcast to remote participants, wherever in the world they may be

Expand the reach of any event with our web streaming technology.

If you have an event venue, or perhaps need to expand the reach of your corporate communications in realtime to a distributed workforce – we have an abundance of solutions to suit any budget.

More than simply connecting a device’s web page to your local internet connection or utilising similar functionality inside a social network, web streaming gives you complete control of a professional and curated experience that can bring your event to life to anywhere in reach of suitable internet access.

By controlling what audio and video is captured and then publishing this to a Content Delivery Network (or CDN), you maximise the efficiency of your own network connection while ensuring that every remote participant is able to engage in your event.

The choices of CDN are numerous, from generally available Free to Use Services to completely tailored solutions that allow you to control entry and potentially even generate additional revenue.

Streaming technology breaks down the ‘broadcasted’ (or technically ‘narrowcasted’) content into a continual feed of data (the stream), sent from a (typically) internet connected device at your venue to your chosen publishing point on the web (usually a CDN).

In deciding what your remote viewer will watch, you can opt for anything from a simple, single camera solution to more complex multi-camera, multi-input systems that either operate standalone or integrate with your existing installed AV equipment.

Our web streaming solutions are uniquely designed for each customer, whether this is a wedding or funeral venue, or for conferencing and corporate communications.

Remote participants ‘attend’ your event via a web browser and we’ll even set up the content delivery system for you so this doesn’t wipe out your venue’s internet connection.

Full training is provided, or alternatively we can tailor a support agreement to operate systems on the client’s behalf.

Get your events back on track with a web streaming solution from PAI.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch and ask for a Web Streaming demo.

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